Listen To The Music song by Doobie Brothers

About The Song

Title: Listen to the Music

Artist: The Doobie Brothers

Genre: Rock, Folk Rock

Release Date: 1972

Album: Toulouse Street

Writers: Tom Johnston

Key Themes: “Listen to the Music” carries a positive and uplifting message about the unifying power of music. The lyrics emphasize the idea that regardless of differences, people can come together through the universal language of music to find joy and harmony.

Musical Style: The Doobie Brothers’ “Listen to the Music” is rooted in a blend of rock and folk rock. The song features a catchy and upbeat melody, characterized by harmonious vocals, rhythmic guitar work, and a feel-good, laid-back groove. Its musical style reflects the 1970s West Coast rock sound.

Cultural Impact: “Listen to the Music” became one of The Doobie Brothers’ signature songs and a chart-topping hit. Its popularity was not only due to its musical appeal but also because of its positive message, making it a quintessential feel-good anthem of its time.

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Legacy: The song has endured as a classic rock staple and remains a favorite among fans of the genre. Its infectious melody and timeless message have contributed to its lasting legacy, and it continues to be celebrated in the realm of classic rock.

“Listen to the Music” showcases The Doobie Brothers’ ability to create music that resonates with a wide audience. Its enduring popularity is a testament to the song’s universal theme and its place in the pantheon of feel-good rock anthems.



“Listen To The Music”

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Don’t you feel it growin’, day by day
People gettin’ ready for the news
Some are happy, some are sad
Oh, we got to let the music play
What the people need
Is a way to make ’em smile
It ain’t so hard to do if you know how
Gotta get a message
Get it on through
Oh, now mama’s go’n’ to after ‘while
Oh, oh, listen to the music
Oh, oh, listen to the music
Oh, oh, listen to the music
All the timeWell I know, you know better
Everything I say
Meet me in the country for a day
We’ll be happy
And we’ll dance
Oh, we’re gonna dance our blues away
And if I’m feelin’ good to you
And you’re feelin’ good to me
There ain’t nothin’ we can’t do or say
Feelin’ good, feeling fine
Oh, baby, let the music play

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Oh, oh, listen to the music
Oh, oh, listen to the music
Oh, oh, listen to the music
All the time

Like a lazy flowing river
Surrounding castles in the sky
And the crowd is growing bigger
List’nin’ for the happy sounds
And I got to let them fly

Oh, oh, listen to the music
Oh, oh, listen to the music
Oh, oh, listen to the music
All the time

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