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Title: Leader of the Pack

Artist: The Shangri-Las

Album: Leader of the Pack (1965) – Original Single Release

Release Date: September 1964

Writers: George “Shadow” Morton, Jeff Barry, Ellie Greenwich

Key Themes: “Leader of the Pack” is a narrative-driven song that tells the tragic story of a young girl who falls in love with a rebellious motorcycle rider, the titular “Leader of the Pack.” The song captures the essence of teenage melodrama, rebellion, and societal disapproval. The heart-wrenching tale takes a dark turn as it unfolds the consequences of the ill-fated romance.

Musical Style: Known for its theatrical and dramatic style, “Leader of the Pack” features spoken-word segments, revving motorcycle sounds, and a memorable spoken rev-up before the final chorus. The song is characterized by its distinctive production, blending elements of girl group pop with a narrative structure that adds a cinematic quality to the storytelling.

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Cultural Impact: Upon its release, “Leader of the Pack” became a massive hit, reaching the top of the charts in the United States and earning critical acclaim. Its impact on popular culture is significant, with the song being featured in various films, TV shows, and commercials over the years. The Shangri-Las’ unique blend of melodrama and rock’n’roll rebellion resonated with audiences of the time.

Legacy: “Leader of the Pack” is regarded as one of the standout songs of the girl group era. Its influence is evident in the storytelling approach adopted by later artists. The song’s combination of narrative lyrics, theatrical production, and teenage angst contributes to its enduring status as a classic in the realm of 1960s pop music.



“Leader Of The Pack”

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Is she really going out with him?
Well, there she is. Let’s ask her.
Betty, is that Jimmy’s ring you’re wearing?
Gee, it must be great riding with him
Is he picking you up after school today?
By the way, where’d you meet him?I met him at the candy store
He turned around and smiled at me
You get the picture? (yes, we see)
That’s when I fell for the leader of the packMy folks were always putting him down (down, down)
They said he came from the wrong side of town
(Whatcha mean when ya say that he came from the wrong side of town?)
They told me he was bad
But I knew he was sad
That’s why I fell for the leader of the pack

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One day my dad said, “Find someone new”
I had to tell my Jimmy we’re through
(Whatcha mean when ya say that ya better go find somebody new?)
He stood there and asked me why
But all I could do was cry
I’m sorry I hurt you the leader of the pack

He sort of smiled and kissed me goodbye
The tears were beginning to show
As he drove away on that rainy night
I begged him to go slow
But whether he heard, I’ll never know

Look out! Look out! Look out! Look out!

I felt so helpless, what could I do?
Remembering all the things we’d been through
In school they all stop and stare
I can’t hide the tears, but I don’t care
I’ll never forget him, the leader of the pack

The leader of the pack – now he’s gone
The leader of the pack – now he’s gone
The leader of the pack – now he’s gone
The leader of the pack – now he’s gone

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