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“I’ll Be Your San Antone Rose” is a country song performed by Emmylou Harris, an American country and folk singer-songwriter. Here are some details about the song:

1. Songwriters: “I’ll Be Your San Antone Rose” was written by Susanna Clark, a noted songwriter and artist in the country music scene. Susanna Clark was married to Guy Clark, another influential country singer-songwriter.

2. Genre: The song is primarily classified as a country and folk ballad, reflecting Emmylou Harris’s signature style.

3. Release: The song was released on Emmylou Harris’s album “Quarter Moon in a Ten Cent Town” in 1978. It was also released as a single from the album.

4. Musical Style: “I’ll Be Your San Antone Rose” features Emmylou Harris’s distinctive and emotive vocals accompanied by acoustic guitar and subtle instrumentation. The song has a melancholic yet tender and romantic feel.

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5. Lyrics: The lyrics of the song express a sense of devotion and love, with the singer offering to be a source of comfort and support for their partner. The reference to “San Antone Rose” suggests a metaphorical representation of steadfast love.

6. Impact and Legacy: The song is considered one of Emmylou Harris’s signature songs and is often regarded as a classic of country and folk music. It showcases her ability to convey deep emotions through her heartfelt performances.

7. Awards: While “I’ll Be Your San Antone Rose” didn’t achieve chart-topping success, it earned critical acclaim and remains a fan favorite. Emmylou Harris has received numerous awards and recognition for her contributions to the country music genre.

8. Covers and Influence: Over the years, the song has been covered by various artists within and beyond the country music genre, further demonstrating its enduring appeal and influence.

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“I’ll Be Your San Antone Rose” is celebrated for its poignant lyrics, Emmylou Harris’s expressive vocals, and its place in the landscape of country and folk music. It continues to resonate with audiences and is a testament to Emmylou Harris’s enduring legacy as a singer-songwriter in the genre.



If they’ll play another love song
And if that Miller Highlife light stays dim
And if you’ll keep my glass full of whiskey
I’ll whisper words I wish I’d said to him

Just ask me to dance all the slow ones
Hold me close and take me ‘cross the floor
I’ll gently lay my head on your shoulder
And pretend this never happened before

I don’t want to hear a sad story
We both already know how it goes
So if you’ll be my tall dark stranger
I’ll be your San Antone Rose

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I wish I could tell you I love you
I wish that he weren’t always on my mind
I wishes were fast trains to Texas
I’d ride and I’d ride, how I’d ride

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