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“Trying To Get To You” is a classic rock and roll and rhythm and blues song performed by Elvis Presley. It was originally written by the songwriting duo of Rose Marie McCoy and Charles Singleton and was first recorded by the Washington-based R&B group The Eagles in 1954. However, Elvis’s rendition of the song is widely celebrated and remains one of his notable early recordings.

Key Information about the Song:

  1. Original Recording: Elvis Presley recorded “Trying To Get To You” during his Sun Studio sessions in Memphis, Tennessee, on July 11, 1955. This recording session was significant in Elvis’s early career and helped establish his reputation as a groundbreaking artist.
  2. Musical Style: The song features a blend of rock and roll and rhythm and blues elements, with a driving beat and a soulful vocal performance by Elvis. It showcases his distinctive voice and his ability to infuse emotion into his songs.
  3. Lyrics: The lyrics of “Trying To Get To You” express the longing and determination of someone trying to reach a loved one. The singer is willing to go to great lengths to be with their beloved, conveying a sense of urgency and passion.
  4. Album Release: Elvis’s version of “Trying To Get To You” was included on his self-titled debut album, “Elvis Presley,” released in 1956. The album played a crucial role in introducing Elvis to a broader audience and establishing him as a rock and roll sensation.
  5. Live Performances: Elvis often performed “Trying To Get To You” during his live shows, including his legendary 1968 Comeback Special. His live renditions of the song showcased his powerful stage presence and vocal prowess.
  6. Legacy: The song’s enduring popularity has led to it being covered by various artists over the years, attesting to its status as a classic in the rock and roll genre.
  7. Cultural Impact: “Trying To Get To You” is recognized as one of Elvis Presley’s early hits that helped pave the way for the rock and roll revolution of the 1950s. It remains a beloved and influential song in the history of popular music.
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In summary, “Trying To Get To You” by Elvis Presley is a timeless rock and roll and rhythm and blues classic. Elvis’s passionate rendition of the song, recorded during his early years, played a crucial role in establishing him as a musical icon and contributed to the rise of rock and roll as a dominant genre in the mid-20th century.



“Trying To Get To You”

I’ve been traveling over mountains
Even through the valleys, too
I’ve been traveling night and day
I’ve been running all the way
Baby, trying to get to you.

Ever since I read your letter
Where you said you loved me true
I’ve been traveling night and day
I’ve been running all the way
baby, trying to get to you

When I read your loving letter
Then my heart began to sing
There were many miles between us,
But they didn’t mean a thing.

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I just had to reach you, baby,
In spite of all that I’ve been through.
I kept traveling night and day,
I kept running all the way,
Baby, trying to get to you.

Well if I had to do it over
That’s exactly what I’d do,
I would travel night and day,
And I’d still run all the way,
Baby, trying to get to you.

Well, there’s nothing that could hold me
Or that could keep me away from you
When your loving letter told me
That you really loved me true

Lord above me knows I love you
It was He who brought me through,
When my way was dark as night,
He would shine His brightest light,
When I was trying to get to you.

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