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“Patch It Up” is a song by Elvis Presley from his album “That’s the Way It Is,” released in 1970. Here are some details about the song:

Title: Patch It Up

Artist: Elvis Presley

Album: That’s the Way It Is (1970)

Genre: Rock, Rhythm and Blues

Release Date: November 1970 (album release)

Lyricist: Eddie Rabbitt and Rory Bourke

Composer: Eddie Rabbitt and Rory Bourke

Key Themes: “Patch It Up” is a lively and upbeat song with themes of reconciliation and trying to mend a broken relationship. The lyrics express a desire to fix things and move forward, suggesting that despite challenges, there is hope for repairing the romantic connection.

Musical Style: The song is rooted in rock and roll, but it also incorporates elements of rhythm and blues. It features a dynamic arrangement with a prominent horn section, reflecting the musical diversity that Elvis explored during the late 1960s and early 1970s.

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Cultural Impact: While “Patch It Up” was not released as a single, it became a popular track from Elvis’s “That’s the Way It Is” album. The album itself served as a soundtrack to the documentary film of the same name, showcasing Elvis’s performances in Las Vegas during the summer of 1970.

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Legacy: “Patch It Up” remains a well-regarded song in Elvis Presley’s catalog, particularly among fans of his live performances from this period. The song captures the energy and excitement of Elvis’s stage presence, and its inclusion in the album contributes to the diversity of styles that Elvis explored during his later career.

While not as widely known as some of Elvis’s earlier hits, “Patch It Up” exemplifies his ability to adapt to different musical styles and continue evolving as an artist. It stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of Elvis Presley’s music across various genres.



”Patch It Up”

We’ve got to patch it up baby
Before we fall apart at the seams
We’ve got to patch it up baby
In the time we travel in our dreams
Let’s go back and test it again
One more ride is all I ask
Get that feelin’, that old feelin’, it is here

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We can patch it up baby,
We can patch it up baby,
We can patch it up baby,
Patch it up with all our dreams
We can patch it up baby,
Sweep out all the trouble of our heart
We’ve got to patch it up baby,
Before our difference pulls us apart

Let’s go where the good luck lies
Let us give it one more try
Do you feel it? That old feelin’?
Do you feel it?

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