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“Stay” is a song by The Temptations, released in 1998 as part of their album “Phoenix Rising.” The album marked a comeback for the group, featuring new material and showcasing their enduring talent and harmonies. “Stay” was written by Terry Weeks, who also contributed to the group’s revitalized sound during this period.

Musical Style

“Stay” blends contemporary R&B with The Temptations’ classic soulful harmonies. The song features a smooth, mid-tempo groove with a modern production style that includes lush instrumentation and polished vocals. The arrangement incorporates elements of both traditional Motown soul and updated R&B, reflecting the group’s ability to adapt to changing musical trends while maintaining their signature sound.


The lyrics of “Stay” convey a plea for love and commitment. The narrator expresses a deep desire for their partner to stay and work through the challenges they face together. The chorus encapsulates this sentiment:

“Stay, don’t walk away / Won’t you stay, stay with me another day?”

The song’s lyrics emphasize the importance of loyalty and perseverance in relationships, highlighting the emotional depth and vulnerability of the narrator.

Cultural Impact

“Stay” contributed to The Temptations’ continued relevance in the music industry, showcasing their ability to evolve while staying true to their roots. The song resonated with both longtime fans and new audiences, reaffirming the group’s enduring appeal and influence.

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“Stay” exemplifies The Temptations’ ability to create compelling music that resonates with listeners across generations. With its blend of soulful harmonies, modern R&B production, and heartfelt lyrics, “Stay” stands as a testament to the group’s enduring talent and musical legacy.



🎵 Let’s sing along with the lyrics! 🎤

Ooh-ooh, yeah, heyOh no, na, na, na, na, na, na, yeahAh-ah, yeah, yeah
Just to feel your body, your sensual desireYou know my heart goes crazy when your tender lips touch mineLet’s explore our love and the candlelight and wineWe’ll leave the world behind, baby
Girl, do you believeIn the miracle of loveWould you try and seeI’m the one you’re dreamin’ ofBaby, close your eyesLet the fantasy become real, oh, yeahWill I
Stay ’til the mornin’, baby, rock me, girlLike I wanna rock youLike I wanna rock you(Please)(Stay with me, baby)
Stay ’til the mornin’, baby, let me knowThat you want me tooI wanna rock you, baby(I wanna rock you, baby)
Can you feel me, baby, ’cause I’m comin’ from the heartYou’re such a sexy lady, ooh, just tell me where to startI’ll make sweet, sweet love like you never felt beforeAnd give you so much more, hey, hey
When you need a friendI will come to youYou just tell me whenGirl, that’s all you got to doLet me be your manI will be your pleasureAnytimeAnytime, anytime you need
Stay ’til the mornin’, baby, rock me, girlLike I wanna rock youOoh, don’t you wanna stay with me, girl(Do you wanna stay?)
Stay ’til the mornin’, baby, let me knowThat you want me tooOoh, girl, I want you to stay with me, yeah
Stay ’til the mornin’, baby, rock me, girlLike I wanna rock you(In the mornin’, in the evenin’, and all night long)
Stay ’til the mornin’, baby, (oh) let me knowThat you want me too(I want you)I wanna rock you, baby(Don’t you want me too)
I’ll save you from the highest mountain(The highest mountain)Paint the words across the sky(All across the sky)
I can’t live without you(You know I can’t)I can love you through the dayAnd all night, and all night(Please)And all night
Of all the riches in the worldYou will forever be my girl(I wanna know)
Stay ’til the mornin’, baby, rock me, girlLike I wanna rock you(I, I wanna rock you, baby, I wanna know)
Stay ’til the mornin’, baby, let me know (I wanna know if you wanna stay with me tonight)That you want me too (girl, rock me, rock me, rock me, and rock me)You better rock me, baby(All night long)
Stay ’til the mornin’, baby, rock me, girl (I’d rather, I’d rather, rather make sweet love to you)Like I wanna rock you(I’m beggin’ you, baby)(Help me, y’all)
Stay ’til the mornin’, baby, let me know (ooh)That you want me too(That you want it too, Temptations sing)
I want you to stay(With me, ooh, ooh)I wanna be your lover, baby
I wanna know would you stay(With me, ooh, ooh)I’ll do just about anything you’ll want me to do, yeah
Stay with me(With me, ooh, ooh)Baby, foreverBaby, foreverOh, oh, why don’t you stay(Stay)I love, I love everything about you(With me, ooh, ooh)

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