Crystal Blue Persuasion song by Tommy James & The Shondells

About The Song

Title: Crystal Blue Persuasion

Artist: Tommy James & The Shondells

Genre: Psychedelic Rock, Pop

Release Date: May 1969

Album: Crimson & Clover

Writers: Tommy James, Mike Vale, Eddie Gray

Key Themes: “Crystal Blue Persuasion” is a psychedelic rock song with spiritually infused lyrics that evoke a sense of tranquility and positivity. The song’s themes revolve around the beauty of nature, peace, and the persuasive power of love. The crystal blue persuasion is portrayed as a force that brings clarity and enlightenment.

Musical Style: The musical style of “Crystal Blue Persuasion” features a fusion of psychedelic rock and pop elements. The song is known for its distinctive, dreamy guitar riffs, lush harmonies, and a relaxed yet uplifting melody. The use of unconventional instruments, such as a tambura, adds to the song’s psychedelic atmosphere.

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Cultural Impact: The song became a chart-topping hit, reaching number two on the Billboard Hot 100. Its release coincided with the cultural and musical shifts of the late 1960s. “Crystal Blue Persuasion” is considered one of Tommy James & The Shondells’ signature songs and is often associated with the counterculture movement of the time.

Legacy: “Crystal Blue Persuasion” has endured as a classic from the late 1960s and is frequently included in retrospectives of the era’s music. Its timeless appeal lies in its unique blend of psychedelic and pop elements, coupled with its spiritually resonant lyrics. The song remains a favorite among fans of the psychedelic rock genre.

Tommy James & The Shondells’ “Crystal Blue Persuasion” is a quintessential example of late 1960s psychedelic rock, capturing the essence of the era with its dreamy sound and positive, introspective lyrics. Its enduring popularity attests to its impact on the cultural and musical landscape of its time.

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“Crystal Blue Persuasion”

đŸŽ”Â Let’s sing along with the lyrics!Â đŸŽ€

Look over yonder
What do you see?
The sun is a-risin’
Most definitely
A new day is comin’, whoo-hoo
People are changin’
Ain’t it beautiful, whoo-hoo
Crystal blue persuasion

Better get ready
Gonna see the light
Love, love is the answer, whoo-hoo
And that’s all right
So don’t you give up now, whoo-hoo
It’s so easy to find
Just look to your soul (Look to your soul)
And open your mind

Crystal blue persuasion
It’s a new vibration
Crystal blue persuasion
Blue persuasion

Maybe tomorrow
When he looks down
On every green field, whoo-hoo
And every town
All of his children
In every nation
There’ll be peace and good
Crystal blue persuasion

Crystal blue persuasion, aha
Crystal blue persuasion, aha
Crystal blue persuasion, aha (Oh)
Crystal blue persuasion, aha
Crystal blue persuasion, aha
Crystal blue persuasion, aha
Crystal blue persuasion, aha

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