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“Hey Girl (I Like Your Style)” is a beloved song by the legendary Motown vocal group, The Temptations. Released in 1969 on their album Cloud Nine, the track quickly became a fan favorite and a staple of the group’s live performances. The song was written and produced by Norman Whitfield, a central creative force behind The Temptations’ psychedelic soul sound in the late 1960s.

While the exact inspiration for the song remains unclear, it falls in line with a thematic shift in The Temptations’ music during this period. Following the departure of lead singer David Ruffin, the group embraced a more introspective and socially conscious sound. However, “Hey Girl (I Like Your Style)” offers a welcome return to a lighter, more playful mood, celebrating the simple joy of attraction and connection.

Musical Style

“Hey Girl (I Like Your Style)” is a quintessential example of The Temptations’ signature sound during their Motown era. The song features a driving, mid-tempo beat with a prominent bassline and crisp drumming. Upbeat piano chords and shimmering organ fills provide a warm foundation for the vocals.

The true centerpiece of the song, however, is the group’s unparalleled harmonies. Tenors Dennis Edwards and Damon Dash deliver the lead vocals in a smooth and soulful call-and-response style, their voices intertwining with effortless precision. Melodic counterpoints from baritone Paul Williams and falsetto specialist Dennis Bryant add depth and texture to the vocal tapestry.

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Whitfield’s production further elevates the song. He incorporates subtle psychedelic flourishes, like swirling strings and phasing effects, adding a touch of experimentation without overwhelming the core groove. The overall sound is polished, sophisticated, and undeniably catchy, a testament to Motown’s commitment to sonic excellence.


The lyrics of “Hey Girl (I Like Your Style)” are straightforward and charming. The song opens with a classic pickup line: “Hey girl, tell me what’s your name? I, I like your style.” The singer is immediately captivated by the girl’s appearance and demeanor, yearning to connect with her.

The song continues with the singer expressing his sincerity and desire for a deeper connection. He pleads with her not to walk away, insisting that his feelings are genuine. Lines like “All my life I’ve prayed for someone like you” and “The look, the look in your eyes / Tell me you feel the same way I do” convey a sense of genuine affection and hope for a budding romance.

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However, the lyrics avoid being overly sentimental or sappy. There’s a playful confidence in the way the singer approaches the girl, infusing the song with a lighthearted and optimistic spirit. The repeated refrain, “Hey girl (hey girl, hey girl) / Can I be your friend? Can I see you again?” captures the innocent hopefulness of a burgeoning attraction.

Cultural Impact

“Hey Girl (I Like Your Style)” became an instant hit for The Temptations, reaching number 13 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and number 3 on the R&B chart. The song’s infectious energy and timeless message of attraction resonated with audiences, solidifying The Temptations’ status as one of Motown’s most popular groups.

“Hey Girl (I Like Your Style)” transcended the charts and became a cultural touchstone. The song’s smooth grooves and catchy melody were featured in countless films and television shows, while its playful lyrics became a familiar trope in popular culture. The song’s influence can be heard in contemporary R&B and hip-hop, where artists continue to sample its elements and draw inspiration from its lighthearted approach to expressing love interest.


“Hey Girl (I Like Your Style)” remains a beloved classic in The Temptations’ vast catalog. The song’s enduring appeal lies in its effortless blend of infectious melody, soulful vocals, and charmingly simple lyrics. “Hey Girl (I Like Your Style)” is a testament to The Temptations’ ability to craft timeless music that transcends generations and continues to inspire feelings of joy and connection.

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đŸŽ”Â Let’s sing along with the lyrics!Â đŸŽ€
Hey girl, tell me what’s your name? (what’s your name?)I, I like your style (I like your style)Can I stick around and wrap to you a little while?
And hey, girl, don’t turn away (don’t turn away)Please listen to what I have to sayDon’t tell me something everydayPlease won’t you stay, oh
All my life I’ve prayed forSomeone like you, oh yeah
Oh, the look, the look in your eyesTell me you feel the same way I do, oh yeah
And hey, girl (hey girl, hey girl), can I be your friend?Can I see you again?No, don’t walk away (don’t walk away)If in your heart you really wanna stayGirl, what you feel is for real and believe me it’s okay

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