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“Beggin'” is a song by The Four Seasons, an American rock and pop band that achieved widespread fame in the 1960s. The song was released in 1967 as part of their album “New Gold Hits.” Written by Bob Gaudio, a founding member of The Four Seasons, and Peggy Farina, “Beggin'” showcases the group’s ability to blend rock, pop, and soul elements seamlessly. The song became popular once again in the 2000s when it was covered and remixed by various artists, bringing it to a new generation of listeners.

Musical Style

“Beggin'” is characterized by its energetic beat, driving bassline, and distinctive use of the piano. The song blends elements of rock, pop, and R&B, creating a sound that is both soulful and upbeat. The arrangement features a compelling combination of handclaps, brass sections, and dynamic rhythm changes that keep the listener engaged throughout. Frankie Valli’s powerful and expressive lead vocals are a standout feature, delivering the song’s emotive lyrics with intensity and passion. The harmonies provided by the other members of The Four Seasons add depth and richness to the track, showcasing the group’s vocal prowess.
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The lyrics of “Beggin'” tell a story of longing and desperation. The protagonist is pleading with a loved one to come back, expressing regret and a deep desire for reconciliation. The chorus, with its repeated lines “I’m beggin’, beggin’ you,” emphasizes the urgency and earnestness of the plea. The verses describe the protagonist’s emotional turmoil and vulnerability, painting a vivid picture of someone willing to do whatever it takes to mend a broken relationship. The lyrics are straightforward yet impactful, resonating with anyone who has experienced the pain of lost love and the hope for redemption.

Cultural Impact

Upon its release, “Beggin'” received moderate success on the charts, but its influence grew significantly over the years. The song gained renewed popularity in the 2000s when it was covered by the Norwegian hip-hop group Madcon. Madcon’s version brought a modern twist to the classic track, introducing it to a younger audience and achieving international success.
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The song’s infectious rhythm and relatable lyrics have made it a favorite for remixes and covers, cementing its place in both classic rock and contemporary music scenes. “Beggin'” has been featured in various films, commercials, and television shows, further solidifying its cultural impact.


“Beggin'” by The Four Seasons is a timeless track that showcases the band’s versatility and vocal talent. With its energetic musical style, powerful lyrics, and enduring appeal, the song has resonated with audiences across generations. The Four Seasons’ ability to blend rock, pop, and soul elements seamlessly in “Beggin'” highlights their influence on the music industry and ensures that the song remains a beloved classic. Its revival through covers and remixes has introduced it to new listeners, proving the lasting legacy of this emotive and dynamic track.



šŸŽµĀ Letā€™s sing along with the lyrics!Ā šŸŽ¤
MmhPut your lovin’ hand out, babyI’m beggin’
Put your lovin’ hand out, baby(Beggin’) beggin’ youPut your lovin’ hand out, baby
Ridin’ high when I was kingPlayed it hard and fast ’cause I had everythingWalked away, wonderin’ thenBut easy come and easy go and it would end
I’m beggin’ youWon’t you give your hand out, baby?(Beggin’) beggin’ (ooh)Put your lovin’ hand out, baby
I need you to understandThat I tried so hard to be a manThe kind of man you’d want in the endOnly then can I begin to live again
An empty shell I used to beShadow of my life is hangin’ over meA broken man that I don’t knowDon’t even stand a devil’s chance to win my soul
beggin’ youWon’t you give your hand out, baby?(Beggin’) beggin’ youPut your lovin’ hand out, baby
I’m fightin’ hard to hold my ownNo, I just can’t make it all aloneI’m holdin’ on, I can’t fall backNow that big brass ring is a shade of black
I’m beggin’ youWon’t you give your hand out, baby?(Beggin’) beggin’ (ooh)Put your lovin’ hand out, baby(Beggin’) beggin’ youWon’t you give your hand out, baby?

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